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Key Duplicating Technology: What Is It And Is It A Safer Way To Make Keys?

New locksmith technology now makes it possible for companies and residents to order duplicates of their keys online in case they lose them. If you want to prevent the loss of your company's keys, you may take advantage of this new key duplicating technology to replace yours. However, you may want to reconsider doing so. Because the technology occurs online, thieves may have a way to intercept images of your keys by tapping or hacking your Internet or the app technology used to store or hold images of your keys until you need to access or make new keys. Anyone may use your app to make copies of keys and use them later to break and enter your establishment. Before you take the seemingly easy way out and use key duplicating technology over a professional commercial locksmith, keep these three reasons why you shouldn't in mind.

Is It a Good Idea to Use Key Duplicating Technology Online?

Hacking is a prevalent problem across the world and the United States. Hackers continue to develop new ways to infect computer systems with viruses, malware and other hidden dangers that steal financial and personal data from businesses and other Internet users. In most cases, individuals and companies don't suspect or find out about the invasion of privacy until it's too late.

Key duplicating technology requires you to take snapshots of your keys, then submit the images to a company located somewhere away from your present location. Although key duplicating companies say they don't store your personal and financial data on their sites when you order services, hackers may still access or intercept the codes and apps used to make the keys online, especially if the key duplicating company uses cloud computing.

Although cloud computing is one of the newest innovations in data storage on the Internet, not all companies may follow or use protective measures to keep your information safe. In recent years, a number of cloud computing providers experienced data breaches, hackings and other discerning problems. Hackers entered the customers' private files and stole valuable information that placed the customers' businesses, employees and clientele at risk for identity theft and other critical problems.

Unless you know for certain that the cloud-based company you obtain key duplicating services from uses advanced monitoring technology, it's a better idea that you obtain your duplicate keys from a reputable commercial locksmith.

Why Use a Commercial Locksmith Instead of Online Key Duplicating?

Most commercial locksmith visit your place of business to make new keys. By doing so, you get a chance to see who's making your keys directly. In addition, you may wish to build a business relationship with your commercial locksmith, which may benefit you in the future if you need additional services, such as security camera installation or burglary-proof safes. One of the things you might do when consulting with a commercial locksmith is have them go over your business to see if it's possible to make it more secure without the use of traditional keys. 

A number of commercial locksmiths offer advanced security door systems that require unique and secure codes to operate. If you or some of your employees tend to lose keys often, you may benefit from installing security doors on the premises instead of just making duplicate keys. The security door systems may also come with electronic key pads that block out thieves who may use cell phones to unlock your doors. A locksmith may discuss their services with you to help you protect your company better.

If you want to know more about protecting your business with the right keying system, or if you still need to duplicate your company's keys, contact a commercial locksmith company like Suburban Lock for services.