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Tips For Making Your Sliding Door More Secure

If you are operating a business out of an old house, you might have a sliding door that leads to a patio where customers can go to enjoy drinks or peruse your products. The sliding door will let in a lot of light and will not take up a lot of space, which is a bonus. The problem is that traditional screen door locks might not be very secure. This isn't a problem during the day, when you let customers move through the door and out onto the patio. It can become a problem at night, especially if you store your product in the building. Here are some tips for securing your sliding glass door in order to make sure that no one is able to break in.

1. Make Sure the Frame is Level

If the screen door was not installed properly or if the screen door is old enough to have had the materials that make it up contract and expand over multiple years, it is not going to fit securely in the frame and the frame is not going to be level. This can be a problem because potential thieves can just pop out the screen door without making much sound and steal all of your products. You can avoid this by having a professional come to your home and make sure that the screen door's frame is level. 

2. Install a Slide-Lock Bar

Once the frame is level, you need to make sure that the door cannot slide easily at night. You can do this by simply installing a bar at the bottom of the door that will prevent the door from sliding at all. This will force potential burglars to break the glass, rather than open the door at all. This bar can be removed during the day, when you need to open the door. Make sure that you constantly keep the rollers of the door and the frame itself well maintained in order to prevent the door from being moved in any other way than from its sliding track.

For more information, talk to a locksmith. He or she will be able to come out and look at the lock that is currently on your sliding door. He or she will assess it to make sure that it is strong enough and functioning correctly and replace it if he or she needs to. This can increase your overall peace of mind. Contact a company like Scottsdale Locksmithing to learn more.