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Lockout Times Three: When You Are Really Having A Bad Day, Locksmiths Can Help

Some bad days just get worse and worse. When you leave your house in the morning and lock yourself out, and then go to work and lock yourself out of your car, and then you cannot find your business door key, take a deep breath. At least your local locksmith can help you with all of the above. Here is how:

Unlock the Front Door

It does not take much for a locksmith to unlock a front door. In fact, you may be surprised to see him or her use a lock-picking set to open your door. It may even cause you to rethink your home security methods and how you can improve on it. If you are interested in making it more difficult for others to break in using a lock-pick set, talk to the locksmith while he/she is in the process of opening your front door.

Unlock the Car

There are two ways your locksmith can unlock your car when you have locked yourself out. First, he or she can use a pry bar or "Slim Jim" to crack the door just enough to reach inside with a wire and poke the lock to unlock the door. The second method is often reserved for keyless entry cars. In this instance, the locksmith can download an app that acts as a key fob for certain makes and models of cars. He/she will bring a smartphone with the correct corresponding app to open your car.

Unlock the Business Door

Commercial locks these days provide a whole new string of problems when you lock yourself out. Since many of them require electrical power to operate, you could disable your electricity, but that is not an absolute guarantee for opening the door. Thankfully, your locksmith (who may get a chuckle at your unfortunate day) will come and open this door for you too. It involves opening the swipe panel and disconnecting or rewiring the panel to accept a different swipe key. (The choice is up to you.)

If you have a hardwired security system on this door, you may have to alert the police to what you are attempting to do. That way, the police will not answer the alarm call when the alarm is triggered. The locksmith can help you reset the alarm, too. Nothing should be damaged by this process, but if it is, the local locksmith can make the necessary repairs.