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How A Locksmith Can Help After You Buy A Home

Have you recently closed on a home and are ready to move in? If so, the first thing you should do is contact a locksmith. They will be crucial to keeping your home secure after you purchase it by offering the following services.

Lock Rekeying

You'll be given the keys to your home at the closing, but you'll not want to hold on to those keys for very long. You honestly do not know how many copies of those keys are floating out there in the wild. There may be a neighbor that still has a copy from when they watched over the previous owner's cats, a housekeeping service could have a key to let themselves in, or there may be a hidden key outside somewhere that the previous owners forgot about.

Do not run out to your local home improvement store to buy new locks for every single door. Instead, consider hiring a locksmith to rekey all of the locks in your home. Depending on how many locks need to be rekeyed, hiring a locksmith may end up being more affordable in the end since you are not buying all new hardware. It will also help you keep the existing hardware, which may be nicer than any replacement locks you would buy on a budget.

In addition, rekeying the locks gives you the opportunity to have every lock use a single key. No more flipping through a key ring in the dark trying to find the right key, since every lock can be set to use a single key. You will really appreciate this convenience once you start taking off all those old keys from your key ring.

Deadbolt Installation

Does your new home lack deadbolts? Consider having a locksmith add deadbolts to your entrance doors so that your home is more secure. The process will involve drilling new holes in the door and door frame, so you really have one shot to do it correctly. That is why it is best to leave this task to a professional.

In addition to your home being more secure, you'll also find that your insurance company will give you a discount for having deadbolts installed. This lowers your chance of someone breaking into your home, so you will receive a slightly lower premium in return.

Looking for more ways that a locksmith can help after you buy a home? Reach out to a local locksmith and see what other services they can offer. You can also contact companies like Key One Locksmith for more information.