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How To Make Your Home's Front Door More Secure

While you may think that the best way to make a home more secure is with a fancy alarm system, you should consider making security improvements to your front door. While an alarm system will alert you of a break it, the alarm won't stop somebody from actually getting in. The goal should be to cause a burglar to give up and move on to another home, rather than see what they can steal once the alarm sounds. Here is how you can improve the security of your home's front door.

Upgrade The Deadbolt

The lock that you use may be enough to tell a burglar that you are serious about security, which is why you want a secure deadbolt that will deter somebody from trying to break in. Speak to a locksmith about switching to a grade 1 level deadbolt, which is the most secure kind that you can get. These deadbolts cannot be shattered by using a hammer, and they cannot be cut using a saw.

In addition, you should be aware of the two kinds of deadbolts that can be installed on your door. A standard deadbolt is what is used for most homes. It is installed on the physical door and uses a bolt that will extend into the door's frame, and you must use the knob or a key to activate the lock.

There are also vertical deadbolts that have two parts in order to operate. One component is mounted onto the door, while the other is on the inside of the door frame. When your door is shut, the lock attached to the door moves vertically through the metal bracket on the door frame. The deadbolt is concealed so that nobody can cut through the bolt in the locking mechanism.

Using a combination of both of these deadbolts can be an extra step that will deter a thief.

Improve The Door's Frame

A locksmith can help reinforce a door frame, especially if it's weak where your deadbolt is secured to the frame. This will prevent a thief from kicking the door down with brute force. Strike plates can also be secured around the part of your door where the deadbolt extends into the door frame, which gives it some additional support.

For help installing deadbolts or making a door frame strong, or for additional ideas about how to make your home more secure, reach out to a local locksmith. You can also visit websites like https://www.beckerlocksmithservices.com/.