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Why You Need Locks on Your Fence Gates

A new fence around the perimeter of your property can offer curb appeal and provide some privacy. Depending on the type of fence and the layout of your yard, you may have one or two gates — a gate at the front is likely, but you may also have one at the rear if you occasionally come and go from that direction, too. While your fencing contractor might complete the gates to your satisfaction, you should think about having proper locks installed beyond the simple mechanism that comes standard with the gates. Many residential locksmith services will do this work for you. Here's why you need locks on your fence gates.

To Keep Prowlers Out

A fence around your property can serve as a useful deterrent to prowlers, but if the gate is easy to open, anyone can simply open it and gain access to your yard. If you aren't home, a burglar may prefer to break into your home through a side or back window or door, rather than the front. By getting into the yard, he or she may actually be hidden by the fence, allowing for ample time to break in. When you get your locksmith to install a proper lock in the fence, you're taking a big step toward keeping prowlers out of your yard.

To Keep Your Children In

When your children are playing in your backyard that is secured by a fence, you typically don't have to worry about their safety. This doesn't mean that you should ignore them, but provided that your kids are the right age, you generally can feel confident that they're where they're supposed to be. Mischievous children might think about opening the fence gate and venturing out into the neighborhood. A proper lock, thanks to your local locksmith, can ensure that this doesn't happen.

To Protect Against Liability

If you have a backyard swimming pool, you need a fence with a locked gate for liability reasons. And there are other yard hazards that could potentially cause liability issues, too. If someone — such as a teen from the neighborhood — were to enter your yard and sustain an injury, you could be held responsible. A fence may keep some people out, but a lock on the gate is an even better way to do so. Talk to your local locksmith about different styles of locks for your fence gate.