locking up guns to keep them away from kids

Are You Wanting To Add Safety To Your House?

Remember television shows like The Andy Griffith Show and Petticoat Junction? In the neighborhoods that are depicted in those shows, there was sometimes a bit of mischief, but rarely was there serious crime. Unfortunately, just watching the evening news on your television, or just listening to the radio as you drive in your car, shows you that crime is a real thing; maybe even in gated- communities. From hiring a commercial locksmith to establishing a neighborhood watch, here are some ideas that might help you to add safety to your house.

Find A Locksmith - You have more than likely used a commercial locksmith in the past. Perhaps you locked your keys in the car and you had to call on a professional to get inside your car without damaging the paint. Or, it might be that you inherited an antique box with jewelry in it, but you couldn't get into the box. You might have contacted a commercial locksmith to help you in that event. A locksmith can more than likely also help you to have a safer home by installing special systems on your house that allow entrance only if you have the code needed to open the doors to your house, and that includes the garage door. Those systems are affordable and very dependable. The locksmith will make sure that you and your children know exactly how to operate the system. Keep the commercial locksmith's phone number handy, just in case you need to contact him or her. 

Establish A Neighborhood Watch - Does your neighborhood already have a Neighborhood Watch established to help keep your area safe? If not, consider starting a Neighborhood Watch yourself. If you have an active HOA, ask if you can present your idea to those who attend the home owner's association meetings. Make recommendations to the group that will add safety to the place you and your neighbors live. For example, suggest that neighbors ask each other to pick up newspapers that might accumulate while they will be out of town. If there are women who live by themselves, suggest that they have a buddy system where they call each other at the end of the day, just to report that all is well. Encourage everybody to notice suspicious activity in the area, like which cars seem out-of-place. Have a reporting system. Invite a policeman to the meeting who can cover all the aspects of keeping your children, your neighborhood and your individual homes safe, too.