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A Few Times When You Should Call An Automotive Locksmith

Getting locked out of your car is not fun. It doesn't matter if you are at home or camping out in the woods. If you have lost your keys or can see them dangling from the ignition in the locked car, you are going to either need someone to bring you an extra key, break a window or call a locksmith. Even if you have a few extra sets of car keys, there is going to a time when you will need an automotive locksmith. Here are just a few good reasons to keep the number for one of these professionals handy.

Bad Ignition Switch

Sometimes the switch in the vehicle's ignition goes bad. With any luck, you noticed it was getting more difficult and complex to get the key to turn and start the car before it stopped working entirely. Either take the auto to a locksmith or have them come to you to repair or replace the ignition switch. They will also be able to rekey the switch and make new keys to fit it so that it works properly again.

Cylinder Problems

When the problem is in the locks for the doors, you will need to have the cylinder inspected. There could be something stuck in them that is messing with the key's fit, or they may be damaged. The locksmith will be able to determine if the cylinder can be repaired or if it needs replacing. Luckily, a professional can replace the locking mechanism and make it work with the original key if you want. This way you won't have to replace the locks on all the doors to fit a new key.

Special "Keys"

Not all vehicles use the typical key anymore. If you use a transponder, fob, or punch in a keycode, you have the choice of going to the dealership to get it fixed, duplicated, or replaced, or calling a locksmith. Professional locksmiths have collaborated with the different car manufacturers to have the coding capabilities to work with the new locks. However, be sure that the locksmith you call can work with your vehicle because some of them only work with a few different manufacturers. 

It is best to always have at least one spare key for your vehicle in a place where you can always get it. However, locksmiths do more than just make spare keys. Any time the locking mechanism or ignition is involved, it is best to go to a licensed professional to help with the problem.