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Why You Should Ask A Keyless Entry Remote System Locksmith To Upgrade Your Door

Are you frustrated by having to duplicate keys after family members lose their copy? Have you suffered several lockouts after misplacing your keys? It is time you upgraded to a keyless entry system. A keyless entry remote system provides convenient security and a high visual appeal fit for a modern home. You can lock and unlock your door using an app on your smartphone! Here are several reasons you should invite a keyless entry remote system locksmith to upgrade your door security:

1. Heightened Security With Tamper-Proof Biometrics

Keyless locking systems using fingerprint scans and PINs offer very high security. They are tamper-proof, meaning they can't be picked or bumped, which is particularly important if your area has a record of home invasions. The lock will send you an alarm if there is a tampering attempt. You can easily change the PIN if you suspect there has been a compromise. 

2. More Convenient Than Everyone Having a Set of Keys

Having separate sets of keys for every single family member and friend is an outdated way of doing things. There are no more headaches of lost or misplaced keys with a keyless entry system. Simply scan everyone's fingerprint into the lock. It is highly convenient in a home with children or seniors who are prone to misplacing their keys.

3. Easier Home Access Control 

If you have a high turnover of guests, it can be a hassle to duplicate keys repeatedly. It is also hard to track who has a duplicate key. Instead, you can ask a keyless entry remote system locksmith to install a lock that can generate electronic keys that you can easily share with your guests. 

4. Track Entries and Exits With Logs

When you have many people entering and exiting your home, it's hard to track who comes and goes. A keyless entry system can help you manage access by logging in when guests enter, exit, and re-enter your home. Since each person will have their unique passcode, there's little risk of false alarms from friends or family inadvertently opening the door.

5. High Visual Appeal Modern Looks

This high-tech entry is visually appealing with modern looks. Today's models come with sleek designs featuring futuristic-looking touchscreens fit for a modern home. If you've recently upgraded your home's exterior, don't overlook a modern lock.

Your home's security is non-negotiable and should be at the top of your priorities. So, investing in a keyless lock is a very good investment. Contact a keyless entry remote system locksmith to explore suitable locks for your home.

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