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Keys To Purchasing A DEA-Approved Safe For Narcotics Operations

If you're involved in narcotics operations and subsequently need to keep controlled substances on your property, it's paramount to keep them protected in a DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) approved safe. Finding one you can trust to work well for these operations isn't hard if you use this buying guide.

Make Sure the Safe Has Been Through Relevant Performance Tests

With controlled substances, you really can't take the chance of someone accessing your safe to get to them. You need to have a firm belief that your DEA-approved safe is going to provide these substances with maximum protection until they're processed and no longer needed as evidence.

You'll feel great about this aspect of your safe if you find one that has been through ample performance tests. It might be tests that simulate someone trying to break into the safe and damage it in a number of ways. If these tests show the safe held up and continued to work just fine, you can make this safe investment knowing durability and protection qualities are optimal.

Focus on a Proven Steel Variety

Most DEA-approved safes for narcotics are often made out of steel because this material is very durable and thus hard to tamper with. That being said, these steel varieties can vary considerably. You just need to find a variety that's proven to work great at protecting narcotics stored on the inside. 

See what a DEA-approved safe supplier has in stock and then compare and contrast the different steel varieties that are offered, such as galvanized steel or high-tensile steel. You can review their properties and then decide what steel you feel most comfortable with. 

Find a Compatible Size

After you get done checking out the durability aspects of DEA-approved safes, you need to focus on size. What safe size is going to work best for your narcotics operations? First, see where this safe is going around your building and then calculate the available space you have to work with.

Then you can determine how many controlled substances you'll be storing on a regular basis. These assessments will ultimately help you choose a DEA-approved safe that fits your building perfectly and lets you house the right amount of controlled substances collected out in the field.

If you work in narcotics, you're going to be dealing with a lot of controlled substances. You can store them securely in your building thanks to DEA-approved safes. You just need to find one with the right features and dimensions. 

Talk to a supplier if you need to find a DEA-approved safe.