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How To Protect Your Home From Smart Lock Hackers

Nowadays, many homeowners have abandoned the idea of carrying around the keys to their homes. The current trend is to use your phone as the key to your home. Smart lock technology is convenient and safer than conventional house lock systems. However, smart locks use Bluetooth or wireless connections, making them vulnerable to hackers. Here are some ways you can protect your home from smart lock hackers. 

Use Locks from Trusted Brands

You should always get your locks from reputable companies. Reputable smart lock manufacturers have up-to-date and efficient security protocols. It is tempting to go for cheap smart locks, but they most likely implement fewer security protocols. This increases your vulnerability to hackers. The ideal smart lock has built-in security features to protect you. 

Check for the ANSI Grade

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade focuses on the hardware of a smart lock. There are tests a lock must go through to be graded. The grade rates the quality, durability, and security of a lock. Smart locks with an ANSI Grade rating of at least 1 are sufficient protection against hackers.

Keep Software Up to Date

Many people don't update the applications on their phones. Updates are meant to protect users from new threats. Therefore, failing to update applications will increase your likelihood of being hacked. Updates also increase your applications' functionality. Some software doesn't update automatically; therefore, search for the updates manually.

Use 2-Factor Authentication

When creating passwords, make sure they are long and contain a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. This makes it difficult for a hacker to crack your password. Two-factor authentication is another security measure that protects you against hackers. For a cyber-criminal to access your smart lock, they need to enter your password and another authentication token sent to your phone. Two-factor authentication can also be in the form of a password and a voice command.

Choose an AES-encrypted Smart Lock

Make sure you buy a smart lock with at least 128-bit AES encryption. These are among the most effective protection systems. This standard makes it almost impossible for a hacker or intruder to access your house without a password. AES encryption also makes it difficult for criminals to hack into your Wi-Fi.

In Closing

Smart locks are convenient and safe. They also allow you more control over who comes in and out of your house. However, since smart locks rely on the internet and wireless technology, they are targeted by cybercriminals. Therefore, before you invest in smart locks, make sure you follow the security measures mentioned above. You should also ask your technician for more tips on securing your home against smart lock hackers.

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